Aug 26, 2009

Busy Month, Home at Last!

Lily started army crawling up in Anchorage. It was so fun to see her take off for the fireplace so she could smack the tiles with her hands. She loves to make noises by hitting things - the diaper wipe case, the kitchen floor, her hands to Jessi's face (ha ha).

We finished up our last month in Anchorage by going to our ward's Pioneer Day BBQ (we rode around the merry-go-round and swings) and an Energy Fair. The Energy Fair also happened to fall on the first day of World Breastfeeding Week which was pretty neat because I got to nurse Lily in public at the Fair. It kinda freaked Mike out at first, but as we walked around with Lily nursing in her sling he got used to it. He did say it helped that the people there kept talking to me like it was all normal :) What a hippy I'm turning into! Speaking of hippy's, underneath our next door neighbors windows, some mushrooms started growing! Of course we had to get photos with the 'shrooms...
Mike drove back to Butte through Canada (another 44 hour, 2500 mile trip) and ended up with $5.89 in Canadian change - anyone need a toonie? Lily and I flew down to Salt Lake to spend a week with the extended family. We had a 3 hour layover in the Portland airport, which was nice, because there was a play area for kids and Lily could scoot around looking at everything. Once in Utah, Lily got really sick. I the change in air pressure somehow causes a sinus infection, because she got a horrible fever and congested nose. She learned to fear the bulb-syringe. While in Utah, my mom bought her a Halloween costume - a lady-bug! So cute!
Lily sure got into the habit of being picked up, and has a horrible attitude if she's set down. I won't stand for that, so she's getting to spend a lot of time on the floor! On the plus side, that desire to move around and motivated her to crawl! At least, army crawl. She pushes with her toes and pulls with her arms, without lifting her belly off the ground. She's relishing this new found freedom!

I'm reminded daily how lucky I am to have Lily. She's such a complacent baby, usually happy, rarely fussy, and such a great sleeper! She got Mike's ability to fall asleep quickly, and almost anywhere! She is like her mama, since she *must* have her pink blankie.

The weekend before we drove back up to Butte, my cousin Nic had a wedding reception in Idaho Falls, so we all drove up to celebrate with him. We got a great surprise when my Aunt Myke showed up. Myke was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and was told she would only live until Thanksgiving (around Lily's due date), but with changes in her diet, she has been able to make it almost a full year past that "expiration date". We got some great photos of her with Lily.
Lily also got lots of love from Aunt Jackie. We get to see her more than any other extended family. I hope she can be close to Lily.

And then we were back in Butte. I have never, ever been SO glad to be in Butte :). Now real life happens! This is Mike's last semester. We've been so blessed the last 4 years that we've been in school, and we're praying that Mike will find a job so Jessi can keep having adorable babies! Cuz, you know if he doesn't get a job, the next baby won't be as adorable :) Kidding.


  1. Lillie grew some hair over the summer!!
    Mike WILL get a job, you WILL keep having adorable babies, and you actually WILL miss Butte when you leave. I'm psyic, I know.

  2. Mike has worked very hard, and we know he will find an excellent job. I LOVE Lily in that Lady Bug costume. So adorable. Someday, sigh, Gracie and Lily will meet!

  3. Oh, I know-- those jobless babies are never quite as cute! LOL! :-) It sounds like you are having a great time getting re-settled. And way to go, Mike-- one semester left!

  4. I keep meaning to write and tell you how beautiful your baby is! I can't believe how time flies. You've been married five years, there for four years, and Lily is crawling. Wow. Next time you're in town, we'll have to see if we can all meet quickly at a restaurant here.