Jun 10, 2009

I'm Not a Woman, I'm a Mom...

It seems all Jessi has to talk about anymore is the baby. Guess there are worse things in life! Here are a few new photos of us and adorable Lily:


  1. Thank you for your comments! I love seeing all your pictures too. How is Alaska treating you all? I hope you are enjoying it. We need to chat sometime. Call me when you have a minute...I can't ever get the time change right..!

  2. The mom jeans video was pretty funny. Some days I want to put on a pair of MOM jeans!!! Cute pictures.

  3. Always a classic! I love that Mom Jeans Skit. I saw that awhile back...and sing it quite often around the house. Jody appreciates when I wear my jeans with the 9 inch zipper!