May 23, 2009

Welcome to Anchorage Alaska!

This month has been a big one! Mike finished his second-to-last semester, we moved to Anchorage for his summer internship, Lily has gotten really good at sitting up and is now trying to crawl, and Jessi ... well, Jessi has just kept taking care of the family :) Here are photos of us stopping in Utah on our way to Alaska, heading to Anchorage, and visiting the Anchorage Zoo:
Visiting Gramma & Grampa's Farm :)

Plane Ride to Alaska

At the Anchorage Zoo


  1. Why do you regret it? It's way cute! Anchorage, huh? Sounds like an adventure to me! Kids just won't slow down. Growing or moving! Joseph will be one next month! Ahhhhh!!!! Good luck with the internship and school!

  2. Ancorage looks georgous, your hair looks georgous, and so does Lily.
    I guess you won't miss Butte too much with that kind of scenery.
    Oh, and I like the picture of you wearing the antlers on your head Jessie! I'm sad we won't get to see you at Krista's wedding :(
    but have a great time in Alaska this summer,

  3. First, I love the hair.

    Second, I can't believe how big Lily is getting. She is so cute.

    Third, I jealous that you get to be in a beautiful place for the whole summer. I am so sure that you will miss Butte terribly.

    Fourth, I am glad that you got to go with Mike. I hope that you guys have a great summer.

  4. I don't like the hair cuz I don't feel sexy :) short hair is cute, and fun, and easy, but sexy it is not.
    And I do miss Butte, for the grocery prices LOL.

  5. The zoo looks like a bundle of fun! I am SO happy you get to be a complete family for this internship. I know it's been hard other summers when Mike is away! You are a beautiful family!

    Did you get your hair cut in Butte? :) (It looks lovely...really you look great as always!) But do you remember when I got my hair done in Butte and left the salon (for lack of a better term...) with orange highlights....AHHHH!??