Oct 12, 2008

Nadie Dijo Que Seria Facil...

Translated from Spanish means "Nobody said it would be easy", and boy, is that true!!! As we start counting down instead of counting up, Lily is getting stronger and stronger. Jessi thinks she's "resistance training". Lily will push a foot out and hold it like she's trying to stretch and make more space. It is quite painful at times, but we're thrilled that she's strong.

Mike made us cheese fondue to eat during conference sessions last week, so we thought we'd include a picture of our feast (and of Mike taking good care of his preggy wife).


  1. cute! recipe for the fondue, please? :)

  2. Cute Prego Pictures as Always. Jessi - your hair is gorgeous. It's so long now!!

    It sounds like you have a baby who likes to stretch out! I remember hitting the point in my pregnancy where I practically needed an oxygen mask. With those two little feet stuffed up under your rib-cage...it gets hard to even breathe!

    This baby is lucky to be coming to parents who will love her SOOO much!

  3. You all are so cute! It is so hard to be pregnant those last few weeks, but hang in there....it is so worth it! You two will be wonderful parents. That food looks so yummy!

  4. Wait a second... it that fruit supposed to be dipped into the cheese?

    I think that "Nobody said it would be easy" applies better to eating cheese covered fruit.

  5. Cam, have you ever had cheese on apples? So yummy!!!