Sep 2, 2008

A New Grill for Michael

For Labor Day we bought Mike a new grill. We found out over the summer that our charcoal grill is against the rules in our apartment complex. So we gave that grill to our next door neighbors. Yes, in the same complex. Really, we were just fishing for any excuse to buy a new grill. Enjoy the charcoal grill, Nic and Kari!


  1. Whoa... Blog... Post... Overload... from... the... Morgans.

    That's awesome. I just got a BBQ for my birthday in July... except mine didn't come with free meat and a deformed corn dog like yours.

  2. I know - posting more than once a month, what's the world coming to??? It's a yam. I would have preferred a deformed corn doggie.

  3. I like the BBQ! We BBQ all year round. I don't know what we would do without ours!