Sep 7, 2008

27 Weeks

This week we are going to start childbirth classes. Jessi's excited because she heard there are door prizes (hooray for free diapers!). She's also gotten really, really needy for Mike's time and attention, and at least this is one evening during the week that he is all hers! Trust us when we say, Jessi doesn't like to be needy and Mike doesn't like to be needed constantly, so this is shaping out to be a big emotional rollercoaster for both of us. Notice Jessi looks sad in the first picture? Because Mike didn't let her fix her hair before he snapped the picture. Yes, it is a digital camera, and yes, we could have deleted it and taken a hundred other photos, but we thought you should see the kind of crazy that Mike is having to live with right now (and probably for the next 3 months).


  1. Ahhh...the emotional roller coaster...I remember it so well! Do you cry at every commercial on TV too? Because I did! Wait...I still do that! Okay - so some of the emotions don't ever seem to go away - even after you have the baby! Jessi - Your hair looks fabulous - very long and gorgeous! You look very cute pregnant!

  2. You look very good pregnant. The roller coaster of emotions is so much fun, for you and Mike. I really don't know that they go away. You look great don't worry about the hair. If your daughter is anything like mine is she likes to pull hair and you end up wearing it up all the time. Hopefully yours won't do that.

  3. Jessi the picture of you looking at your belly is so cute! Your tummy is so much bigger, I am excited to see it for real this weekend!