Apr 10, 2008

Warning! May Contain Graphic Images Startling to Young Viewers

Tuesday was not such a good day for Mike and Jessi. Jessi parked somewhere unfamiliar at school, and when she backed out of her parking space at the end of the day, her car got caught on a piece of steel rebar and pulled the bumper off. We didn't get pictures of this, thankfully, because some great young men witnessed it happening and were able to "jimmy-rig" her bumper back on with wire so she could get home. We're now in the process of deciding if it needs professional help, or if Mike can take care of it himself with some bolts and nuts.
When Jessi got home after this harrowing ordeal, Mike announced he had stabbed himself with a knife! Not on purpose, mind you, but while cutting some hard cheese. We did get pictures of that, and as you can see, a little gory, but Mike says he's feeling fine now. I guess we need trials and troubles to keep us humble.

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