Feb 28, 2013


Our big Christmas gift to ourselves this year was puppies! We got two Golden Retriever / Standard Poodle mixes (commonly known as Goldendoodles or Groodles) from our friends. Cayenne is our cuddly, lazy, sweet-tempered boy (he's darker with a white patch of chest hair), and Canela (Spanish for "cinnamon") is our active, dominant, adventurous girl. Because their mama was a Goldendoodle and their papa was a standard (large) poodle, they should be pretty big when they are full grown. They are almost 4 months old and very eager to learn. They are hunting dogs and have each caught a bird in the backyard. Cayenne demonstrated his understanding that I'm his "pack-leader" by bringing me his kill. It was awesome. Mike takes them walking in the mornings and they hang out inside and outside all day with the kids and me. They are already really good with the kids. I'm happy they're a part of our little family!
Sharing a crate, and a treat, is the best
The boy's best buddies
Sharing an icicle
Sweet Canela
Best puppy friends forever
All fluffy after their first bath and trim
Handsome Cayenne

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