Jul 16, 2012

35 Weeks, etc.

I am 35 weeks, the baby has dropped (I don't remember this happening with Lily or James, and boy it's uncomfortable), I'm still throwing up (but only twice a day!), and today the doctor let me know he's afraid we have low amniotic fluid. I'm refusing to "google" it as I'm sure it'll just freak me out. I'll go in for an ultrasound in two days to confirm the low amniotic fluid and then we'll decide what needs to happen.

 James sure loves his daddy and smothers him with kisses. Mike plays a game with the kids called "No Kisses!" where he says "no kisses" and tries to hide his face from the kids. Of course he is always unsuccessful and ends up with two kids attacking and almost head-butting him. It's too funny.

James has gotten really good at crying crocodile tears. He can turn the waterworks off and on at the drop of the hat. One of the best ways I've found to distract him is to take pictures, because then he wants to see the pictures instead of crying :)
This week I've been *uber-nesting* - I've organized every room in the house, and (to Mike's dismay) the shed, and the garage. Sunday I started organizing the Primary closet (have I mentioned I was recently called as the 1st Counselor?). I also made my own rose oil to rub on my tummy in these last few weeks of pregnancy. I'm hoping all of this energy means baby is getting ready to come!

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  1. So with the last 2 pregnancies I supposedly had a little extra fluid and I'm pretty sure that may be one of the reasons why my babies don't drop until I'm in labor. In fact, Derek was still doing sumersaults at 37 weeks(flipped breach and then flipped back) and a dr. told me because of the extra fluid and him being smaller he was able to do that. Good luck with the last few weeks of pregnancy and with the baby!