Mar 12, 2012

What's For Dinner?

This weeks menu came courtesy of Pinterest. Man, I'm addicted to that site. Since I'm constantly drooling over the recipes I see on there, I figured I better actually make some of them. On the menu this week:

Tonight: Mini Omelets
Tuesday: Sour Cream & Bacon Chicken
Wednesday: San Francisco Pork Chops
Thursday: Albacore Tuna Salad (I'm surprisingly looking forward to this one)
Friday: Coconut-Lime Chicken
Saturday is leftover day
Sunday: Italian BBQ. The only recipe not from Pinterest, I pulled this recipe out of my book 101 Things to do with a Slowcooker. It's on page 64 if you have it, or if you want to use Amazon's "Look Inside!" function.

If any of these are hits, I'll add them to my recipe blog - mainly because almost every recipe is going to be modified for the ingredients already in the house (for example, we don't have pork chops, we have pork butt steaks, or I'll be using homemade "cream of" soups instead of store bought).

Maybe actually blogging about these will motivate me to actually make them :)

***UPDATE*** 3/18/2012

We all loved the omelets - James most of all. He ate a whole, 3-egg omelet by himself. Mike and James enjoyed the bacon chicken, but the smell of it in the crockpot all day made me want to barf. I was so happy when I realized (around 4 pm) that at 6 that night was a RS dinner so I didn't have to eat it! The pork chops were a HUGE success (didn't smell bad, easy to make, Mike LOVED them) so I've posted our modified recipe HERE. We didn't get to the rest of the menu, but they're on this weeks menu :) Guess I should only plan 3 meals a week, since that's all I seem to get to!

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