Mar 31, 2012

From the Mouths of Babes

Lily is quite verbal. When the early-intervention specialists came for James, one of them called her "precocious". Despite her using it slightly negatively, I agree. She says things that I haven't heard other three year olds say, and she makes me laugh quite often. Most recently she has said:

(After Grandpa mentioned the full moon) "What is the moon full of, Grampa?"

I taught Lily how to use the remote control so she can watch the next episode of Dora on Netflix and she exclaimed "You are a good mommy to teach me things!"

After convincing James to "share" with her (ie give her his toy) she said "Heavenly Father is so happy when you share with me."

Lily will be saying the prayer in Primary in two weeks, so Mike was teaching her why we pray. I suppose Lily wanted more specifics when she said "But what does He want to hear?"

After her bedtime story a month ago, Mike said he wouldn't tell her anymore stories. She asked "Will you tell yourself a story and I will just listen?"

And of course, her almost constant stream of "When I'm a mommy..." and "When I was a baby..." For example, "when I was a baby I cried and cried and then you hugged me" or "when I'm a mommy will I wear socks with shoes?" after I've told her she must wear socks, but then I slip on my flats without socks. Guess I'm a hypocrite ;)

James says his share of funny things. Around 7:15 the other night, James started tugging at me: "Mama clock. Look clock! Mama look! Look clock." I finally looked at the clock and said "What, is it time for night-night?" He said "Yesh bed" and took off for his bed. Guess he was up way too late :)

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