Feb 24, 2012

Himalayan Kitchen

I am notorious for my forgetfulness, and love to eat out. To keep from accidentally eating twice at a place that I didn't like, I decided to start "reviewing" the restaurants we visit while we're here in Colorado. If you're ever passing through, maybe we can take you to one of our favorites :)

While we were still living in the Best Western, waiting to close on our house, we went to lunch at the Himalayan Kitchen. I had a coupon from the hotel, or I normally wouldn't have suggested Nepalese, Tibetan, and Indian cuisine (especially with a picky eater named Lily). We were pleasantly surprised at how much Lily ate, and while we probably won't take the kids back there, Mike and I enjoyed it enough to return in the future.

We started with Samosas (I LOVE these) and their sample platter, which came with potato salad, chicken Tandoori, vegetable mo-mo (dumplings), and cheese Pakora served with dipping sauce. The cheese is like a deep fried mozzerella-type cheese, and was Lily's favorite. James, of course, tried everything and loved everything. Mike and I got Lassi's (mango for me, salty for Mike) and the kids drank most of mine. Lassi's are super easy to make at home, and so yummy. It's been so long that I can't remember what main dishes we got, but I do remember they were flavorful and filling, and the cheese naan we got on the side was delicious. I also remember dessert (who wouldn't?), Gulab Jamun, an Indian pastry soaked in honey. Mmm.

I don't often get a hankering for Indian food, but the next time I do, we'll go back.

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