Feb 1, 2012

11 Weeks

Baby is the size of a: AAA Battery

Mama has been: Experimenting with anti-nausea remedies.

What hasn't worked? The Sea-Bands were worthless. So is the Vit B6, but I'm still taking it for energy. The Queasy Drops are tasty, and I love sucking on them, but they don't really help. The ginger sometimes helps if I take it before eating, and the papaya sometimes helps if I take it after eating. I only started taking the Simple Digestion Complex today, so we'll see about it. The Zofran helps for about 3 hours, which to me seems useless, since I'm only supposed to take two a day. What pregnant woman only wants to be puke free for 6 hours a day?

What DOES work? The biggest help I've found is the DigestZen essential oil blend. I rub a drop or two on my tummy any time I start to feel a little queasy (cut with some sweet almond oil) and then cup my hands over my nose and breathe for a few minutes. I've only had to do it about every 4 hours, and I love the smell, so it's been great. And, on a very personal side note, it also helps with that other "pregnancy terror", constipation.

My second favorite remedy is PROTEIN! Weeks ago I read that carbs (like saltines, toast, crackers, i.e. what everyone will suggest you eat constantly) actually aggravate serious nausea, and the solution is protein. When nausea rolls around, I eat a hard boiled egg, or a cheese stick, or a cup of yogurt. Once I get that protein into me, and go through my other rituals to ward off vomiting, I feel loads better. Today I actually did laundry! By myself! For the first time in almost 4 weeks! (You can bet Mike is happy about that!)

The last remedy (not pictured) is Unisom SleepTabs. I've been given the ok to take on every night, and while they don't help me sleep (seriously, Unisom?!) they do keep me from horking at night.

Sometime around 14 weeks, I'll try eliminating the Zofran and see what happens. I tried yesterday, and the ralph-fest I had while trying to make dinner convinced me to wait a few more weeks before trying again.


  1. I'm so glad you are finding some relief. I hope you continue to get better and better!! Protein in the first 20 weeks is majorly helpful for proper placental development and attachment too! It's been shown to help prevent pre-term babes. So keep up the good eating! :)

  2. Why can you only take 2 a day?!? I take it every 4 hours..and if I wait much longer than 4 hours... I can tell. I liked to drink Red Raspberry tea.. it didn't help a ton-nothing does as you know- but it seemed to help settle my tummy a little. Prayers your way!