Jan 7, 2012

December Fun

Close to the beginning of December we got a little snow, and Lily begged every day to build snowmen. There wasn't enough snow outside to roll up into balls, so I pulled out the felt and we made snowmen for her wall! She and James each got a snowman to decorate. I had made felt Christmas trees for each of them (complete with ornaments), so we just used the trees as our background.

The kids and I visited Durango's Festival of the Trees. It was just the right size (read: small) to keep the kids' attention spans - AND they got a cookie at the beginning!

We got invited to a birthday party down in Farmington, NM. It was at a big bouncy house type place. There were probably two dozen blow-up castles the kids could climb up, bounce on, and slide down. It was their first time doing anything like it. Lily LOVED it and couldn't be stopped long enough for a non-blurry picture. James wasn't so sure about it and spent most of the time trying to open our little friend's birthday presents.

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