Dec 6, 2011

Octoberfest :)

Halfway into October we closed on our new house and got to move in! It's a sweet little one-story on 1/3rd of an acre with a fantastic garden and established fruit trees. We are so blessed to have found this gem here in Bayfield.

Not only are there two apple trees and a cherry tree, there are red raspberry and golden raspberry bushes. Delish! Lily loved going out every day to look for berries, and after the berries stopped coming, she begs to go pick apples. This spring is going to be so fun for the kids to learn to grow vegetables and fruits.

Mike had to go back to Houston for two weeks of training, so the kids and I drove to Utah. My grandparents stopped by to visit and the kids got to spend some time roasting marshmallows and hotdogs with them. I love my beautiful Grandma Barrus and my sweet Grandpa Barrus!

A week before Halloween, we bought the kids little pumpkins to paint. Lily painted hers pink (shocker!) and James... well, James just loved painting anything the paintbrush would reach: pumpkin, table, Daddy, his own face, you get the idea.

For Halloween James was a duck/chicken and Lily was a princess. They loved seeing everyone's costumes and have really enjoyed their nightly piece of candy. And I have enjoyed sneaking my nightly piece of candy as well. Oh, James also started walking this month. He's on a roll.

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  1. you've only been gone a few months and already lily looks so much bigger! missing you all!