Oct 31, 2011


Lily has a large vocabulary for an almost-three-year-old and never stops talking (or so it seems)! Lately she's said some things I've found adorable:
She ran ahead of me while we were walking through the park. As she approached someone in her path, she turned around and yelled "Watch where you're going mama!" Do you think I say that to her often?
We stayed in a hotel for several weeks while waiting to close on our house in Bayfield. On a particularly busy morning, the kids and I had to share a table with an older couple. I left for a moment to get milk and came back to find she had told these strangers that she is expecting two more babies from me. I can only hope!
One evening I got to go shopping by myself. When I asked if she was good for Daddy, she very seriously told me, "Yes, I yelled at James." Hmm, maybe I need to lower my tone when I speak to the kids.
Lately when I ask her to do something she doesn't want to do (poop in the potty), or do something to her that she doesn't like (toss her in the air), she'll ask "Mama, when you were just a Jessica, did you like being thrown?" or "Mama, when you were just a Jessica, did you poop in the potty?" I love how she's trying to wrap her head around the fact that I haven't always been a mama.
She calls pretzels "sad faces" (look at a pretzel, you'll agree!), hand-sanitizer becomes "hanitizer", and her favorite vegetable is "white broccoli" (cauliflower). She sings three-quarters of the day, and loves to sing "Winnie-the-Big-Poop" - can you tell we're deep in the throes of potty training?

She brings so much laughter to our home and I'm so happy she's ours.

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  1. Oh! I miss her cute little voice. Hope all is going well adjusting there, we miss you. Love these updates on your littles.