Dec 15, 2010

Christmas Newsletter

As I went through our happenings during 2010, I was struck by how boring we are :) Hopefully you've read through our blog if you're *really* interested in what happened this year, but here's a quick recap:

We moved to Texas. We love the humidity and heat, but miss the mountains. James joined our family and is the love of our lives. Lily turned two and is a wonderful sister and a great big-girl.

We're getting ready for Christmas away from the extended family. I'm really looking forward to starting our own traditions and growing together as a family. Lily is so excited about all of the Christmas lights and every baby picture she sees *must* be Baby Jesus. James loves to sit on the floor while Lily "reads" him Nativity books. They almost break my heart with how adorable they are.

We hope you all are enjoying these holidays and the time you have with your loved ones!

Maybe we won't do Santa pictures anymore

Finally calmed down, but still not happy.

Candy Cane rush

2010 - Lily is 2 years old, James is 6 months old

Oh My Gosh I want another baby :)


  1. haha, you still have a baby! I love that picture, full on tantrum on santa's lap, it's amazing! You're not that boring, you did some crazy huge things this year!

  2. You guys have such a beautiful family! I love your new pictures. :-) Merry Texas Christmas, Morgan Family!!!

  3. The Santa Picture is such a keeper!! James is such a cutie! I love the faux-hawk hairdo. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.