Apr 19, 2010


This weekend I got it in my head that we needed to buy a house. And not just buy a house, but break our two year lease (which we've only been in for 3 months), find a house, and use our entire savings as a down payment, THIS WEEK!!! Unable to sleep for excitement, I stayed up all night frantically researching online. I found the house, I found the lender, and I just needed to convince Mike. Just 12 hours after my madness began, Mike was forced to become a "dream-stealer".

Side note: My mom used to use that phrase as her job title. She was the one in my parent's marriage who was financially cautious. In my marriage, that person is usually me. However, these pregnancy hormones have made me crazy and unstable.

Mike reminded me that moving while pregnant was not a good idea, and convinced me that we should at least wait until baby is born. He waited a few hours to make sure that suggestion wouldn't cause me to throw a tantrum (yes, I do act like my 18 month old on occasion). Then he reminded me that home prices here in Houston may be low, but property taxes are outrageous. We should wait out our lease, keep saving for a much bigger down payment, and make sure we end up in a house (in an area) that we love. After much pouting and sulking, I agreed.
I guess I better start counting my blessings so I can be content with what I have.

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