Jul 10, 2009

Summer Days!

The weather has gotten really nice here in Anchorage, so Lily and Jessi have tried to make the best of it by going to the Loussak Library during their "Music in the Park" events. Every Tuesday a new band plays at noon. It's been lots of fun for Lily to play in the grass and eat everything she can get her hands on! Jessi's really enjoyed hearing the bands and misses being a participant in a band.
We've also gone to the Alaska Botanical Gardens. They have tons of plants: perennials, annuals, wildflowers, herb gardens and veggies. They had 6 kinds of mints in the herb garden, plus tobacco, horseradish and wild celery (to name a few). It was so neat and Lily loved looking at the bright colors. Mike found BLUE poppies! He likes to say that there's nothing truly blue in nature, but he found out he's wrong! We bought some poppy seeds from the nursery so we can have our own blue poppies someday.
Lily's now 7 months old and well on her way to crawling. She'll scoot in circles and push herself backwards, but no forward movement yet. She sure is getting happier and more fun to play with - until she throws a tantrum. She threw her first one the other day and it was so funny Jessi had to snap a picture.
We all went hiking Airstrip this week - blech! It was muggy and humid, hot and mosquito-y. Lily's got bites all over her head, and in the photos you'll see we had to take her top off because it was so hot (boy, wish we were babies too).
Mike's internship is 2/3 of the way over, so he's getting ready for his presentation, and Jessi's figuring out what to cook to leave Anchorage with no leftovers. Jessi will be flying with Lily to Utah in August before Mike is done so we can spend time with the grandparents - we miss them!
We hope your summer has been as fun as ours!


  1. Don't forget the aunts and uncles!

  2. Those pictures of you all with the flowers are GORGEOUS! It sounds like Alaska has so much to offer! And I'm glad to see you think the tantrum is "cute"...Lily does make a "fit" simply darling!

    What dates are you coming to Utah in August? Please call me, so we can try and swing by and see you!!

  3. How fun. It looks like a great time.

  4. WOW... Pretty cute... are you sure Mike is the dad?