Mar 24, 2009

Four Months Old

Last week we all went to Utah to have Lily's baby blessing. She was so good while we were there and she got to meet her Great Grandpa Morgan and her Great Grandma Nielsen.
We also went to the Living Aquarium in Draper with gramma Judy. It was so fun! Jessi was even brave enough to touch a sting ray!!!


  1. She is getting so big!!

  2. Okay...isn't that octopus at the aquarium outrageously scary!??? I was quite weirded out.

    On a much cuter and happier note...Congrats on Lily's baby blessing. She is beautiful, and Jessi your hair is so long and pretty. I love it!

  3. Very neat aquarium.. Draper huh?
    These pictures must have been before you cut your hair. I really like your new style.

  4. Where does the time go?? Can't believe she is 4 months already. She just keeps getting cuter.
    BTW they eat that octapus in Korea, and keep telling me it is really tasty when you eat it live!