Dec 22, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Only 4 days until Christmas and Butte is already looking like a winter wonderland! With average temperatures dipping below zero, Lily and Jessi have only left the house twice: once to make an emergency trip to Walmart (emergency because Jessi just HAD to get out of the house!!!) and once to sneak to church to hear Mike singing in a small men's chorus for Sacrament meeting. He did a great job.

Lily has been doing great. She usually sleeps 4-6 hours during the night and is a fairly happy baby during the day. She is so fun to have around and we already can't imagine what our lives would be like without her.

The end of the semester was December 18th and *hooray* Jessi has graduated! Mike has 2 more semesters left, and one last internship. We are so excited to almost be done with school.

Here are a few more pictures, and you can always click on the photo of Lily to the right to be sent to our online photo album for our most recent photos of Lily bug.

Sleeping in the swing

Daddy singing Lily to sleep

Singing along

Nap time!

Why suck my thumb when I can suck Daddy's?


  1. What a cute little family. This will be a memorable Christmas. Happy Holidays.

  2. Jessi...Congratulations on Graduating! That's fantastic. graduated...had a baby...what else did you squeeze in during the last month?! :) Lily looks really nice with the headphones. She sure is precious! I can see a great deal of Jessi in her! She's beautiful.