Nov 12, 2008

Don't Waste Time Baby-Proofing, One's Already Snuck In!

This past weekend our friends Kelly, Joni, Pat and Lori threw Jessi a shower. We have been so blessed with generous friends who look out for us and are as excited we are about our soon-to-be new arrival.

Jessi's family came up for the shower (Mom, Dad and Lynsey) and it was so nice to have them around. Here are a few photos (and wow! look at that fat belly! There better be a 20 lb baby in there!).

The picture with Jessi's mom has a great story, but Jessi's probably going to butcher it in the re-telling: Dad and Mom bought this cute sleep-sack, and hung it up on their hall closet door. Every time they would walk past the outfit they would pick it up and cuddle it, saying "It's ok Lily, shush baby". Hee hee, we think that's adorable!

The last photo is Jessi and her sister, Lynsey, in a comparison shot. Of course, Lynsey looks *hot* and Jessi looks fat and tired, so there is no comparison.


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  1. Cute cute!! You're almost there!! YEAH!!!